Difference between White sapphire and diamond

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What is white sapphire?

The famous blue sapphire is a gemstone that everyone loves. Sapphire can actually be any color, but did you know that? Although blue is the most popular color, sapphires come in all colors except red, and some are colorless. Colorless sapphires are often called white sapphires, just like diamonds. White sapphire in nature is extremely rare. However, you can find many of them by searching online or in stores. Why is that? This is because most white sapphires are actually yellow. The White Sapphires Vs Diamond that have been heated or chemically treated to enhance their color. As expected, this devalues ​​white sapphires.


Difference between diamond and white sapphire

When comparing white sapphires vs diamonds, some differences stand out. Shine is the main difference. Compared to diamonds, white sapphires are much less brilliant. Sapphire tends to have more defects than a diamond in terms of clarity. But as you know, this varies from diamond to diamond. Sapphires collect dirt more easily than diamonds and should be cleaned frequently.


A white sapphire’s color is its most important characteristic. Its colorlessness should be as pure as possible. The brilliance and brilliance of sapphires are not as important as diamonds. This is because sapphires are much less lustrous than diamonds.

Examine the sapphire shade with the naked eye to see if you like it. The most important thing to check is that the stone color is consistent throughout. This process makes it more likely that the color inside the sapphire will not be evenly distributed. A white sapphire with a uniform hue is more desirable, so stones with the same hue are more valued.



As you may know, a diamond is rated 10/10 on the Mohs hardness scale. Going beyond it is challenging, if not impossible. But Sapphire is very close. On the Mohs scale, Sapphire gives him a 9 out of 10. This indicates that they are almost completely scratch-resistant and usually do not require re-polishing. However, when it comes to toughness, it falls short of a diamond.


The biggest difference between a white sapphire and a diamond is brilliance. Diamonds are almost always brighter than sapphires. This does not mean that White’s Sapphire’s appearance is matte. This simply indicates that they are much less brilliant than diamonds. However, sapphire usually outperforms all other colors. So if you’re looking for a stone with a lot of sparkles, diamonds are the obvious choice.


Price point

Price is the biggest advantage white sapphires have over diamonds. A one-carat diamond could easily cost him €4,000. Comparably sized white sapphires, on the other hand, are often available for less than €1,000. If you are considering buying one, you probably prefer white sapphires to larger stones. As you can see, sapphires look very different than diamonds.

Cheaper than Diamonds

But there are also costs. Although there are some differences between white sapphires and diamonds, they are often compared based on price. White sapphires are about a quarter the price of diamonds but are still considered gemstones. But did you know that we offer diamonds in all price ranges? If you don’t like the idea of ​​white sapphires, take a look at our online selection.



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