Thinkpad T61 Laptop Review: A Portable Workhorse

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It’s been over eight years since Thinkpad introduced its T60 line, and the new Thinkpad T61 Laptop features some major upgrades over previous models, including better graphics and built-in wireless networking (thanks to Intel’s Centrino technology). The increased performance comes at a price, though  this laptop’s not going to come cheap. So if you’re in the market for a new portable workhorse, read on to learn what makes this latest Thinkpad worthy of your money.


What is the ThinkPad T61 Laptop?

The Thinkpad T61 Laptop features is a great way to be productive on the go. It has a 6-cell battery that lasts up to 8 hours, a DVD-RW drive, and three USB ports for your peripherals. The keyboard is spill resistant with drain holes to catch any spills. It has an Intel Core Duo processor and runs Windows XP Professional operating system. One drawback of this model is that it does not have a wireless card. You will need to purchase one separately. It also lacks Bluetooth connectivity. Other than those two drawbacks, this is a very good workhorse laptop if you are looking for one on the go.

Thinkpad T61 Laptop

Design, Build Quality and Screen:

The Thinkpad T61 Laptop features is a real workhorse. It’s not going to be as thin and light as an Ultrabook, but what it lacks in weight and design, it more than makes up for with performance, upgradability, durability, and all-around bang for your buck. Here are the highlights of this laptop’s specs: 12.1 1024×768 display; 2 USB ports; 1 ethernet port; DVD-RW drive; 4GB RAM (upgradable to 8 GB) The keyboard on the T61 is among my favorite that I have ever used on any laptop. They keys have great tactile feedback and require little pressure when pressed down. This makes long typing sessions surprisingly painless.


The Lenovo Thinkpad T61 Laptop:

I have been using my Lenovo Thinkpad T61 Laptop features for the last 10 years and I can’t imagine life without it. It is a powerful machine that has served me well in my professional life and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an all-purpose laptop. The ThinkPad design is sleek, professional, and timeless. Plus, the keyboard is large and easy to type on- after ten years of typing away on this thing, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use a different keyboard! The battery lasts about three hours before needing to be plugged in.


Keyboard and Touchpad:

The touchpad is well-designed with a right and left click, scrolling, zooming and onscreen navigation capabilities. The keyboard also feels solid and has a backlight if you work late or in dark environments. The only gripe I have with the keyboard is the slightly undersized F key for quick access to frequently used commands. However, the Thinkpad T61 Laptop features does come standard with two pointing devices keyboard and touch pad for those who don’t like having to switch between the two interfaces. It’s rare that I find a touchpad that can match my old ball mouse. But the design of this one makes up for what it lacks. It’s an ergonomic dream with easy-to-click buttons on both sides of your hand, so you never have to move your arm to use it.

Thinkpad Laptop

Who Should Buy the ThinkPad T61 laptop?

The ThinkPad T61 laptop is the perfect solution for business travelers and professionals that need to work on the go. The  T61 laptop’s 12-inch screen is not too small. But it’s also not too large so it can easily fit in your bag. They  has plenty of ports and memory, plus a built-in fingerprint reader for enhanced security. If you’re looking for a new laptop that will keep up with you, this is worth consideration. With its high performance, security features and ergonomic design. The ThinkPad t61 laptop is sure to please even the most demanding power users.


Performance, Battery Life and Temperature:

The Thinkpad T61 Laptop features performance is outstanding. This slim, lightweight laptop can handle any task you throw at it with ease. Multitasking and playing games is no problem for the 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor and 3GB of RAM. The battery life is also very good on this model with up to 6 hours of power. When using the high-performance battery pack. That’s almost as good as some desktop PCs! It’s even possible to use this laptop all day without ever plugging in, by simply swapping out the battery packs about once every six hours.



The Thinkpad T61 Laptop is a lightweight, portable powerhouse. It is a great tool for business professionals who need to be on the go, but still need the ability to work productively. This laptop offers enough power for most computer users and even gaming enthusiasts. The only downside to this device is that it doesn’t have an optical drive which means. You will have to purchase an external one if you plan on watching DVDs or playing CDs. However, with all the features and benefits offered by this machine. You may find that it’s worth investing in one of these external drip

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