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Realistic Joker Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids
Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids a Joker Face is a program that teaches you how to draw a joker. Thanks to its user-friendly features, you can use this application as a resource for learning to color and sketch. Those lacking artistic aptitude can benefit from learning how to create a joker’s face because this application has numerous step-by-step drawing tutorials.

Let’s continue painting well-known figures; in this tutorial, I’ll walk you through drawing the Joker from start to finish. The primary foe of Batman in the DC Comics universe is this supervillain. The Joker is shown as a clown, using styled objects to resemble clown props as weapons. The Joker always wears a purple costume, matching makeup, and strange green hair.

Although The Joker is grinning, his face is sporting an unappealing evil expression. I hope that drawing this bad character will pique your curiosity and help you learn some valuable drawing techniques. The lesson consists of nine steps, each showing and giving a quick tip. To achieve a great outcome, carefully draw each line and follow the prescribed order of operations.

Easy Joker Drawing For Kids

The most OK place to look for something to inspire your imagination and creativity is in joker drawings. We say this because there are countless methods to depict the joker character, including humorous joker drawings, sobbing joker images, circus joker images, realistic joker images, and illustrations of the Joker from the Dark Knight.

Additionally, these categories can be selected whichever the user chooses. You can choose the drawing of your choice and begin drawing right away because we have 20+ Simple and Easy Joke Drawing Ideas for Kids to Adults now.

Increase the difficulty of your art contest with these Joker’s face drawing ideas. Experts and talented artists share much practice, patience, and consistency. 


  • Pencil, Paper, Eraser, and Coloring Materials
  • Thirty minutes are required.

The Joker Drawing: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Draw the face’s oval and the ear.
  • The lower edge of the square-shaped face and ear should be drawn using a clean line.
  • The hair should be drawn.
  • The hair has a jagged edge above the forehead and has a rounded top outline.
  • Include the jacket
  • Draw sweeping lines from the head down to the tiny jacket.
  • Show the vest.
  • Draw the vest and other clothing subtly underneath the jacket.
  • Tuck the legs in.
  • The legs are short and spread apart from one another.
  • The shoes should be drawn.
  • Draw the shoes with the pointed toes facing in different directions.
  • Grab your hands.
  • In one hand, the Joker holds a weapon. The other hand is turned palm up.
  • Facets should be added.
  • Draw the wide mouth, the skin wrinkles on the forehead, and the wicked eyes.
  • The joker drawing for beginners
  • The Joker’s colors.
  • You’ll need a variety of purple hues, as well as beige and green.
  • Joker drawing instructions for children
  • I’ve created a PDF file with all the pertinent information about this lesson in it for your convenience. To access the task at any convenient time, download the file.

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