What is the Chrome Store?

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The Chrome store is the main way to access apps that are developed for the Chrome browser. The store contains more than 1.5 million apps and extensions that can be installed directly from within your browser. You can also search from the Chrome store for new apps and extensions by using keywords or categories, or by browsing through categories like productivity, entertainment, or other areas of interest to find something you might want to try out.

What is the Chrome Store?


The Chrome Store is a marketplace for web apps, extensions, and themes. It allows you to install and update your favorite apps right from the browser, without having to download them individually. This makes it easy to get new features or updates quickly. The Chrome store also has an extensive catalog of free extensions that can be installed directly within Chrome (or via its desktop app). There are over 1 million extensions available in the store at any given time–and more are being added all the time!

Chrome is an operating system and browser developed by Google:

Chrome store is an operating system and web browser. It’s a Linux-based, open-source software that runs on any device that has Chrome installed. In addition to being able to browse the web, you can also use it to run apps like Gmail or Google Docs.

The Chrome store is the main way that users can download extensions, themes, and other features:

The Chrome store is the main way that users can download extensions, themes, and other features. You can also find apps from the web store.

To search for an extension, theme, or feature:

  • Click on Extensions at the top of your browser window in the Chrome store.
  • Type a term into the Search field and press Enter on your keyboard to see results appear below (this will be different depending on what you’re looking for).

The Chrome store contains more than 1.5 million apps, extensions, and themes:

The Chrome store contains more than 1.5 million apps, extensions, and themes. An app is an extension that you can install in your browser or use within another app to add functionality. A theme is a graphical user interface (GUI) for the browser; it changes how the browser looks but does not add any functionality to it.

You can find all these items on the Chrome Web Store:

If you’re using the Chrome store on your desktop, you can install extensions right in the store. You can also install apps from this site if that’s more your style. When you find an app or extension that interests you, click on its name and then click “Add to Chrome.” The next step is simple: just click Install! When an app or extension is installed or updated, and there will be many opportunities for this over time you’ll see a notification appear at the top of your screen.

Chrome store is a marketplace for web apps:

The Chrome Store is a marketplace for web apps. It’s where you can find and install web apps, buy them, and discover new ones to try out.

The Chrome Store has been around since 2010, but it wasn’t until 2016 that Google added support for paid subscriptions through the store (previously users were only able to buy single licenses). This brought in some interesting opportunities for developers who wanted to charge their users money for access to their premium features or extra features within an app; however, some people were concerned about how this would affect user privacy if they had to provide detailed information about themselves before using an app like this one, especially considering how many people use credit cards online without giving much thought as far as privacy goes.

The Chrome store is a place where you can discover and install apps:

  • Search the Chrome Store. You can search the store by typing into your address bar or clicking on one of the links in this article.
  • Browse. The first page that appears when you start browsing is called “New Tab,” which shows content related to your user profile as well as other settings for Google Chrome itself (for example, if there are any extensions installed). If you want more results from a specific category like games click that category’s name at the top of this page. Then click again on another word from somewhere else on this page (for example, “Games”) until it brings up all those results again.

You can search the Chrome store to find new apps and extensions:

To search the Chrome store, use Ctrl+F to open a new window. Then type in a keyword or phrase that you want to find an app, extension, or theme. For example, if you want an extension that lets you send messages anonymously on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, type “WhatsApp messaging” and hit enter/return key. This will bring up all results related to this query (e.g., “WhatsApp Messenger Secret Chats”).

When an app or extension is installed or updated:

  • You’ll see a notification that the Chrome store has updated your favorite app.
  • If you go to chrome://extensions/ in the address bar, you can see what apps have been updated or installed by going to chrome://apps/.

You can also install apps from the Chrome Web Store if you prefer:

If you prefer, you can also install apps from Chrome Web. You can find new extensions to install and search for them in the Chrome store.

The Chrome Store provides easy access to apps for your browser:

The Chrome Store provides easy access to apps for your browser. You can search the store to find new apps and extensions. You can also install apps from chrome web if you prefer, but this is not recommended as it will install any app that has been uploaded by anyone else on the internet (including malware). The Chrome Dev Channel is an alternative way to get new features early in their development cycles before they’re released into Stable Channel or Beta Channel features of Chrome OS (this section discusses how you might use these channels).

How do you find the Chrome Store?

You can find the Chrome Store in the toolbar. In the upper right corner of your browser, you will see three lines that look like this.

  • The top line displays your name and e-mail address (if you have one).
  • The middle line displays your bookmarks and history, including websites you’ve visited recently, apps you’ve recently downloaded or opened, and any extensions installed on Chrome OS devices.

If you click on this icon it will open a list showing all of your installed apps/extensions with thumbnails so that you can easily identify them. You also have access to all other types of information such as whether or not they’re running at any time or when they were last updated etc.

How do you find new extensions to install?

  • Search by name: If you know the name of a particular extension and want to find it. Simply enter that word into the search field at the top of Chrome’s address bar and hit Enter.
  • Browse categories: There are many ways to browse categories in Chrome Web. You can use their drop-down menu (which appears when you hover over an item). Or if there’s no drop-down menu available, just click on one of their links directly from within individual listings. Or even from within your Bookmarks folder. Browse by category. You can also browse categories by visiting them directly by clicking on their links. Within individual listings or even from within your Bookmarks folder.

How do you make shopping in the store more convenient?

The Chrome Store makes shopping for apps and extensions in a single click. You can use your Google account to log in and pay for them. Then, if you want to install an app from the store. It’s as simple as clicking “Install” or downloading it directly from the web page (if there’s an option). You can also manage your purchases from within the store itself–just click “Manage” on any item you’ve purchased before.

The chrome store lets you install apps and extensions:

  • Search for apps: The search bar at the top of the Chrome store interface is a great way. To find new software you’ll love. Whether it’s an app or an extension.
  • Search for extensions: Extensions are small programs that add features to your browser. Like Google Docs integration or automatic translation into other languages. You can also use a search engine like Bing to find them (see below).
  • Install themes from Chrome: Not just themes but every type of theme possible! Want one that makes everything blue? No problem you can get one here.


A chrome store is a place where you can find and install apps for your browser. It’s easy to search the store, browse items and install them from within Chrome. Chrome provides an opportunity to try new features before they’re released in the regular app store. The store also helps with updates because users don’t need to wait until an update is available on other platforms. Before they can install it on their devices.

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